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Az W on Site: Little Architecture

To accompany 'In The End: Architecture'

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Sat 18.03.2017, 15:30-18:30

Az W on Site: Little Architecture
© Franz Hubmann

Tour guide: Hermann Czech, architect
Moderated by: Anneke Essl

Reservations: from 06.03. by E-Mail only to, max. 20 participants

Activity in the building sector in Vienna during the 1980s was marked by large business architecture firms — there were hardly any competitions. Young architects were left with time to think about architecture, as well as with small commissions, like bars, shops or home conversions. However the entire theoretical discourse was invested in this “small architecture” — which is charged with details making historical and ironic allusions and hidden messages, and executed to the most exacting standards.
This stroll leads to: Schullin1 and 2 (Hans Hollein), the former Kerzengeschäft Retti (Hans Hollein), Haas Haus (Hans Hollein), Kleines Cafe (Hermann Czech), WunderBar (Hermann Czech), Kiang (Helmut Richter), Roter Engel (Coop Himmelb(l)au), Salzamt (Hermann Czech).