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Az W on Site

Az W on site: aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside 1

Sun 21.06.2015, 15:50-18:30

Az W on site: aspern Vienna’s Urban Lakeside 1
© Nikolaus Summer

Aspern, Vienna’s urban lakeside, is growing. The first neighbourhood is scheduled for completion by autumn with apartment buildings, public squares, parks, a school and the lake. The slogans for the new urban community range from “high class apartments” to “Smart City” and from “pioneering spirit” to “participation”. Tours providing an overview are scheduled on three days, each providing viewings of different projects and supported on location by experts. The first tour looks at the participatory projects in Aspern. Further dates: Sat, 25.07.2015, Sat 22.08.2015.

experts on location: Robert Temel
Az W tour guide: Pascal Tenczhert

Reservations required: T +43 1 522 31 15 or
Maximum number of participants: 25

An event in the framework of Vienna Biennale 2015: Ideas for Change