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Az W in TOKYO: TopTours Exhibition

Fri 22.05.2009 – Thu 04.06.2009

5 Top Tours depicted on 15 cheerful posters show what Vienna has to offer beyond the standard classical clichés: The Architekturzentrum Wien Top Tours provide a new perspective of the city through its modern architecture. Brisk strolls explore contemporary highlights in the historic city centre, the U-Bahn leads to the ‘new Vienna’ over the Danube, and along the ‘Otto Wagner axis’, bus rides pursue the history and present of the tradition of housing development in Vienna on the basis of exceptional building concepts.

The exhibition is to be shown in collaboration with Wien Tourismus, Vienna office, during the Open Architecture festival at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower in Tokyo from 22.05 to 04.06.2009.

concept: Marion Kuzmany
graphic design: Thomas Kussin