Az W in KLAGENFURT: The Winery Boom

Wed 09.06.2010 – Mon 12.07.2010
Exhibition poster

Exhibition poster: WineArchitecture
© Architekturzentrum Wien, photograph: Gery Wolf, graphic design: LIGA: graphic design

Today internationally active star architects are designing and building spectacular new wineries around the world. In return, in the east and south of Austria a unique new scene has consistently drawn attention to a symbiosis between contemporary architecture and wine-making. A new architectural language has developed along with this newly defined brief, one that moves between sensitive approaches to traditional forms of building and self-confident interpretations of contemporary demands.

The Architekturzentrum Wien is devoting a major exhibition to this phenomenon. The focus is in particular on the Austrian situation of around 60 projects completed over recent years in Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria and Vienna. Buildings by Wilhelm Holzbauer to Steven Holl are being presented, from propeller z to g2plus, from Anton Mayerhofer to Andreas Burghardt and many more.
Alongside a detailed inventory of the cultural situation and economic conditions in Austria since the 1980s, a survey of around 20 buildings for wine from other countries provides information on the development from chateau-production to the high-tech factory.

The exhibition ‘WineArchitecture. The winery boom’ presents for the first time, a well-researched Austrian survey supplemented and shown in context by the use of other examples of wine architecture from around the world.

Curators: Martina Grabensteiner, Kerstin Gust
Collaboration Exhibition and Publication: Marion Kuzmany
Exhibition Design: Viola Stifter and Herwig Mayer
Graphic Design Exhibition and Publication: Susanne Klocker, LIGA

A catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition with 224 pages, numerous illustrations. Authors: Christian Seiler, Ralph Eue, Martina Grabensteiner, Kerstin Gust, Marion Kuzmany. Preface: Dietmar Steiner. Published by the Architekturzentrum Wien, Verlag Hatje Cantz.