Az W in BUKAREST: Balkanology

New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in Southeast Europe

Sat 16.10.2010 – Mon 15.11.2010
Exhibition poster

Exhibition poster: Balkanology
© Architekturzentrum Wien

Extensive informal construction that began with the end of the Socialist economic system has resulted in a radical transformation of urban structures and a new form of urbanisation. With examples from Belgrade, Bucharest, Kotor, Pula, Prishtina, Sofia, Tirana and Zagreb, the exhibition ’Balkanology. New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in Southeast Europe‘ shows how architects, urbanists and activists engage with the rapid processes of urban transformation in a context of their cultural, social and political dimensions in the Balkan countries. Research projects, concrete interventions, architectural analyses and planning strategies are introduced – along with little known exceptional Yugoslavian modern socialist buildings in a dialogue with contemporary architecture.

As an initiative – supported by ERSTE Stiftung from the outset – the exhibition opens up a new field, and provides an overview of the little known post-Socialist architecture as well as the result of unregulated and uncontrolled urban growth in the countries of Southeast Europe.
Curator: Kai Vöckler
Supported by ERSTE Stiftung.