Architektur.Film.Sommer 2024

Reaching the Tipping Point

Film nights in the Az W courtyard

Wed 31.07.2024, 20:30
a beach with lots of blue and red striped parasols

Filmstill „The Last Tourist“
© Tyson Sadler

Is there such a thing as sustainable travel in times of insta-hotspots and climate crisis? Excessive tourism has serious ecological and social consequences. The film night is dedicated to these phenomena and shows alternatives.

All Inclusive, CH 2018, 10:00 min, no dialogue. Dir: Corina Schwingruber Ilić
Exercising on the sundeck and a Polonaise through the restaurant. These and far more are on offer on board a cruise ship. Business is booming. The short film ‘All Inclusive’ shows mass entertainment on the high seas — and the aftermath.

Plastik tut weh, AT 2022, 01:24 min, German OV, Trickfilmstudio, ZOOM Kindermuseum
The young filmmakers of the Trickfilmstudio go on holiday on an island, where they discover all kinds of traces of human activity, in the ocean.

The Last Tourist, CA 2021, 100:00 min, English OV. Dir: Tyson Sadler
From the beaches of the Caribbean to remote villages in Kenya, forgotten voices describe the real conditions and impact of the tourist industry, which is one of the biggest industrial sectors in the world.