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At the Az W: Park City Hietzing – living in Lainz

Presentation of the project designs and winning projects

Wed 13.01.2010 – Tue 26.01.2010

At the Az W: Park City Hietzing - living in Lainz
© Visualisierung: Veit Aschenbrenner Architekten

Starting in 2015, the geriatric centre Am Wienerwald is to be newly re-used. The Wiener Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft WSE conducted an architectural ideas competition for urban development in which the best concepts for the creation of a high-quality residential location were sought. The pavilions, some of which are listed, will be re-conceptualised as “Park City Hietzing – living in Lainz”.
The exhibition shows the project designs and the winning projects of the eight invited architect’s offices.

Welcome adress

Dietmar Steiner, Director Az W

Speakers at the opening

Josef Herwei, Wiener Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft m.b.H. WSE
Rudolf Schicker, City Councillor for Urban Development, Traffic and Transport
Veit Aschenbrenner Architects, Vienna

Afterwards: Buffet