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At the Az W: 10th JUNG Architekturgespräche: theme „housing“

Thu 12.11.2015, 18:30-23:59

At the Az W: 10th JUNG Architekturgespräche: theme „housing“
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Mark Gilbert, trans_city ZT gmbh, Vienna
Oliver Thill, Atelier Kempe Thill, Rotterdam

Peter Neundlinger, managing director of “Wohnservice Wien”

Angelika Fitz, Vienna

The 10th JUNG Architekturgespräche in Vienna will be held under the motto “housing” and deal with the theme of housing and living in the city. There is a great desire for urban living quality which contrasts to the economic interests of the players who are involved in the development of a project. This often occurs a process of gentrification, followed by an increase of the residential price level. Consequence: Urban quarters will lose their individual character. One of the main tasks in the future will be the strengthening of the urban location. It is important to promote its distinctiveness and to find a local identity for enhancing the quality of life. To create an affordable living space, intelligent housing concepts for the future are indispensable. All these and other aspects will be discussed at the event in Vienna.