Architektur.Film.Sommer 2021

Artificial Geologies

Film Nights in the Az W courtyard

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Tue 17.08.2021, 20:30
Man with raised arms between 2 large excavators

Filmstill „Il Capo“
© Yuri Ancarani

Wichtiger als Du denkst, AT 2020, 02:03 min, German OV, Dir: Anastasiia Prokhodtseva

The Stream, AT 2021, 09:09 min, German OV. Dir: Diana Terenteva
The almost forgotten story of the former Ottakringer Bach, a stream whose traces are still to be found in the city today.

A 23, AT 2020, 06:05 min, no dialogue. Dir: Markus Rupprecht, Laurenz Steixner
The A23 is the shortest motorway in Austria, while it is still the most frequented road in the country. It links peripheral urban space, condensed urban and living space with urban green space and water space.

Il Capo, IT 2010, 15:00 min, no dialogue. Dir: Yuri Ancarani
‘Il Capo’ (the boss) manages, coordinates and leads quarry workers and heavy machines with a language that consists entirely of gestures and signals.

Kiruna — A Brand New World, CZE 2019, 87:00 min, Swedish OV with English subs. Dir: Greta Stocklassa
Kiruna is situated north of the Arctic Circle on the largest deposits of iron ore in the world. Now the entire mining town complete with buildings and citizens is to wander 3km to the East. The new Kiruna aims to create a more progressive society for the future. But, is it really possible to plan an ideal world?