Panel discussion

Pioneering Female Architects

Centre Stage #1

Wed 23.02.2022, 19:00-21:00
4 darkly dressed women sitting on a podium with microphones

Event "Pioneering Female Architects. Centre Stage #1"
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Who were the first female architects? Despite opposition, there were more than 160 women enrolled in the Viennese architecture schools before 1938.

There are too few female role models in the history of architecture. One of the long-term causes pursued by the Az W is to make the pioneering female architects in Vienna visible, and inscribing them into the canon. Where did the women come from and what motivated them to seek training as architects? What kind of commissions did they work on? A team spent over a year researching in, and beyond, the three Viennese training institutions: the University of Applied Arts, the University of Technology and the Academy of Fine Arts. The initial findings are now available and provide surprising new insights.

The evening marks the start of a series of events in the midst of the new permanent exhibition that will feature Hot Questions.

The Pioneering Female Architects in Vienna research team: Christine Zwingl, Sabina Riss, Carmen Trifina

Moderated by Monika Platzer, curator & head of collections, Az W