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Architecture without Borders Austria

Founding event and party

Wed 18.04.2012, 19:00-21:00

Architecture without Borders Austria
© Gerhard Bauer Perndl+Co

a cooperation by Architektur ohne Grenzen Austria and the
Az W

welcome address: Karoline Mayer, Az W


Gunda Maurer, founder and chairperson of AoGA
Dick Urban Vestbro, Secretary General of ASF International
Martin Rauch, expert in building with earth
Helena Sandman, architect, Helsinki
Ursula Steller, Austrian Development Agency ‘Tourism School in Buthan’

panel discussion “AoGA-who helps whom?”:

Maria Hageneder, Project coordinator East Africa
Fritz Oettl, deputy Chairperson of AoGA
Andrea Rieger-Jandl, Professor of Comparative History of Architecture, TU Vienna
Dietmar Steiner, director Az W
Dick Urban Vestbro, Secretary General of ASF International
moderated by Elke Krasny, culture theorist

Architektur ohne Grenzen Austria (Architecture without Borders Austria) was founded at the end of as a part of the network architecture sans frontières international. This ten-person group consisting of architects, an art historian and a building services expert is currently working intensively on implementing building projects in the field of development work. Based on the results of research work carried out in the respective regions they explore ways of integrating local building crafts, anonymous building traditions, technology and ecology in a contemporary built form. This produces additional value in terms of lifespan, environment, energy, comfort and economics. The combination of these different aspects leads to an innovative architecture that creates a humane built environment.

Followed by a party and music

DJ Mo (Wien)

lectures and discussion in German and English
admission free