Architecture for New Learning — Building Schools with a Didactic Agenda?

An event in cooperation with the educational initiative Bildung GRENZLOS, by the Österreichischen Schulkompetenzzentrum (Austrian Centre for Educational Competence) and the Architekturzentrum Wien

Wed 26.11.2008, 16:00-21:00

Architecture for New Learning — Building Schools with a Didactic Agenda?
© Peter Hübner

Building on the historical roots of contemporary school architecture, the event pursues the question of why school space is often called the ‘third educator’; it explores the possibilities and limits of innovative school building in Austria, and casts an eye over the fence at innovative participatory school architecture in Germany.

16.00 welcome address:
Dietmar Steiner / director of the Az W,
Gernot Rammer / Schulkompetenzzentrum,
Heide Schrodt / Bildung GRENZENLOS
16.30 Christian Kühn / TU Wien: Educational Buildings for a Knowledge-Based Society
Franz Hammerer / KPH Wien: New Worlds for Learning — Conventional Schoolhouse Architecture?
Karin Schwarz-Viechtbauer / Österreichisches Institut für Schul- und Sportstättenbau (ÖISS):
The Borders of Visions — Visions for Borders in the School (Building) Landscape of Austria
5.30pm break
6pm Peter Hübner / plus+ bauplanung GmbH (D) and Renate Vetter / School principle Justus of Liebig Schule (D): Participatory Building with Pupils, Teachers and Parents
7.15pm three rounds of discussion with the speakers
8.15pm Highlights & Perspectives: open discussion, the speakers and the public
moderated by Edwin Radnitzky / Bildung GRENZENLOS

admission free