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Panel Discussion

Architecture and Art

A Confrontation

Wed 10.12.2003, 19:00-21:00

wednesdays 29

The exhibition ‘How to Build? The Modernist Book’ provides an introduction to the history of Modernist architecture in the 20th century with the book collection of Egidio Marzona – as the stuff of knowledge and to provide a theoretical background.

As an example of a contemporary link to the tradition of the modernist book, wednesdays 49 is presenting the series of Montage books published by the Vienna-based artist Florian Pumhösl. The series covers the overlapping disciplines of Fine Art, Architecture and Design. Although Montage is only one example of a mutual awareness of architectural and artistic discourses to have emerged in recent years. However when art and architecture address the same subject matter and intersect historically they lend themselves to an attack on interdisciplinary rhetoric.

Attempting to take stock of developments over the past few years are:

Florian Pumhösl, artist
Martin Beck, artist
Egidio Marzona, collector
Monika Pessler, Kiesler Zentrum
Andras Palffy, architect
Moderated by: Mathias Dusini, culture reporter