Workshop (6–99)

Archikids: My City — Our Planet

Sat 25.05.2019, 15:00-17:00
ein asphaltierter Platz mit Bäumen in Töpfen und Sitzgelegenheiten vor mehrstöckigen Wohnhäusern

Here people share cars, nature and the street. Superblock in Poblenou, Barcelona
© Ajuntament de Barcelona

What do the heroes of today look like? And what do they do? The protagonists in our exhibition are scattered across every continent and they are repairing the planet. They are building a swimming pool on the roof of a former department store in São Paulo, for instance, or classrooms for refugee children, and driving the smog from Barcelona’s streets. Respect for the natural resources of our planet is an essential prerequisite. What can we do in Vienna?