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All The Best. A Walk 2010

Advent stroll through the 7th District

Mon 13.12.2010, 17:00-23:59

All The Best. A Walk 2010
© Martina Frühwirth

begins from Dschungel: 5pm / from the Az W: ca. 6pm

This year’s Advent guided tour is being the 10th time such event. This now traditional walk through the 7th District puts visitors in the seasonal mood with a range of short offerings in a programme of literature, dance and theatre. On 13.12. at 6pm the guided tour is at the Architekturzentrum Wien, where participants are given a fitting introduction with a tour of the exhibition ‘Platz da! European Urban Public Space’.

The following photographs documenting the Public Walk 3 (of 4.12.2010), an Advent expedition with Manfred Schwaba, transform the exhibition hall into a pre-Xmas backdrop.

(Admission free)