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Collection with a View #6

Adolf Loos – Forever young

Showcase to the Courtyard

Thu 28.05.2020 – Mon 31.05.2021
in the Az W courtyard: daily 00:00-24:00
black white photo with house

Adolf Loos – Forever young: Hermann Czech: House Merkl, Schwechat, 1981
© Architekturzentrum Wien, Collection, photograph: Margherita Spiluttini

Adolf Loos is one of the most famous Austrian architects. His striking buildings still characterise the Viennese cityscape today, his architectural language has had a global influence. In 2020 his birthday will be 150 years old – reason enough for Az W to dedicate a showcase and an exhibition to this pioneer of modernism within the a_schau. ‘Adolf Loos — Forever young’ examines Loos’ charisma for the following generations up to the present day. Based on an original find, we will open the birthday party with a showcase to the courtyard. In the in-depth exhibition, we want to trace the architects and buildings from our collection who were clearly inspired by Adolf Loos.

Curators: Sonja Pisarik and Monika Platzer, Az W