a_showcase 17: Josef Lackner_House Calls

Wed 14.09.2011, 18:15-23:59

a_showcase 17: Josef Lackner_House Calls
© Az W / Wolfgang Feil

in German

guests: Monika Abendstein, Peter Hellebart, Christof Lackner
moderated by Monika Platzer, Az W

To coincide with the exhibition ‘Josef Lackner_Habitable Landscapes’, a_showcase presents ‘visits’ to a range of apartment buildings. The interior life of his buildings is like a casing fitted to suit the personal needs of the occupants, and not immediately appreciable at first glance. In many instances the specific use of materials homogenise the space while intense colourful accents and the softness of the rounded shape of the fitted furnishings frequently contrast with a rational external appearance. The surfaces and the atmosphere of the spaces convey a sensuality and sense of security that goes well beyond the usual cliché of cosiness.

“The architect must plan homes that he would also like to live in himself. Everything else is inadmissible.” (Josef Lackner)