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a_showcase 14: Eilfried Huth: Participation in Housing Development

Wed 20.10.2010, Daily 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Wednesdays until 09:00 PM

a_showcase 14: Eilfried Huth: Participation in Housing Development
© Eilfried Huth / Unterrichtsversuch Eschensiedlung

in German

In the 1960s Eilfried Huth and Günther Domenig were among the pioneers of user-defined housing. The Eschensiedlung estate in Deutschlandsberg (1972–92) was the first housing development realised under the subsidised housing scheme. Entirely in-line with Huth’s motto “my dream home is not a house” the single-family house is condensed and becomes an attractive self-build alternative with the user participating in the planning process and involving their own contributions. Several participatory housing projects followed, including in Graz-Puntigam (1976–84), Deutschlandsberg (1977–82) and Ragnitz (1986 – 92). Today the subject of participation is becoming increasingly topical again; increasing numbers of self-organised building groups have been created in recent years and communal interest is also on the rise.

Eilfried Huth celebrates his 80th birthday on 01.12 — we congratulate him in advance!

guests: Eilfried Huth, architect / Bernhard Steger, architect / Robert Temel, architecture theorist
moderated by Monika Platzer, Az W