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a_showcase 02: Kabelwerk

The Kabelwerk – A Piece of the City?

Wed 09.05.2007, Daily 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Wednesdays until 09:00 PM

a_showcase 02: Kabelwerk
© Volkmar Pamer

On the former-KDAG grounds in Vienna-Meidling a new district is growing that can neither be described as a themed estate in the usual sense, nor as a monofunctional housing estate. In the “wrap-around architecture”, the urban configuration of the development is, for the first time in the city’s more recent planning history, being dominated by the urban configuration as a whole rather than by individual buildings.

On the basis of a large-scale model, a discussion with the planners concerned and planning analysts focuses on the exciting genesis of the project, from the concept for the overall guidelines to the built reality, as well as addressing the qualities of this new district.

Introduction: Gabriele Kaiser
Moderator: Manfred Schenekl/historian and urban researcher
Guest speakers: Herbert Buchner/Project coordinator for the City of Vienna
Christoph Lammerhuber/pool Architektur ZT GmbH

Also invited to join the discussion:

– Florian Haydn and Rainer Pirker (winning
team of the Urban Competition, 1998)

– the protagonists of the Kabelwerk Planning Team: Hermann & Valentiny
Mascha & Seethaler
pool Architektur
Schwalm-Theiss & Gressenbauer
Martin Wurnig & Branimir Kljajic
Werkstatt Wien
Spiegelfeld & Holnsteiner

– further consultants involved in the

Impressions from the event “a_showcase 02: Kabelwerk”, May 5, 2007 at the Architekturzentrum Wien.

Impressions from the a_showcase 02: Kabelwerk
Impressions from the a_showcase 02: Kabelwerk
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