A Question of Scale?

From Alternative Project to Occupant-Centred Model of Urban Development

Sat 15.10.2016, 19:00-21:00

A Question of Scale?
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Best Practice presentations and discussion

Moderated by Angelika Fitz, designated Director of the Az W

A large number of self-organised projects and initiatives for the co-production of urban space have emerged in the international arena over the last decades, showing alternative routes for resident-centred urban development and the creation of affordable homes.

With innovative approaches to planning matters and financing, they embody key models for engaging with the challenges posed by growing towns and cites, the housing crisis and the ecological, economic and social shifts.

How, though, can the wealth of experience in the individual projects be made fruitful on a larger scale?
How can alternatives for individuals be made available to the many? What approaches already exist? urbanize! invite you to the presentation and discussion of international examples of best practise for resident-centred urban development.

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