A journey to Zlin and Luhacovice

tour 28

Sun 27.09.1998, 07:30-23:59

A journey to Zlin and Luhacovice

Moravian America–Shoe Town Zlin, 1927-1932
The journey goes to the industrial town of Zlin, where within five years (1927-1932) the slippers manufacturer Thomás Batá built an industrial town for 50,000 people.

A unique factory in Europe, preserved until nowadays in its original architectonic form and still working as production centre.A trip with the world-famous chief office-elevator in the Batá headquarters is included of course.

Architects: Frantisek L. Gahura, Vladimir Karfik, Erick Svedlund

Luhacovice — Brighton in the mountains, 1868-1947
A spa following the tradition of Slovak-Moravian wood architecture related to Arts and Crafts.
Architect: Dusan Jurkovic

Main entrance Museumsquartier Wien
Museumsplatz 1
A – 1070 Vienna
at 7:30 p.m. (on time!)

Tickets: ATS 950.- (includes bus trip, lunch and the various entrance fees)
Take valid passport and czech crowns with you.

Guide: Stefan Templ