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3 housing models

tour 23

Sun 07.06.1998, 13:30-23:59

3 housing models
© Rupert Steiner

Housing estate “Erzherzog Karlstadt”
Masterplan: Gustav Peichl / Martin Kohlbauer
Visit of the project parts of
– Paul Katzberger, Karin Bily
– Michael Loudon
– Martin Kohlbauer

Residential premises “Wulzendorf (West) Ostarichi”
Masterplan: Walter Stelzhammer
Visit of the project parts of
– Margarethe Cufer
– Ablinger-Vedral
– Walter Stelzhammer

Housing estate “Wulzendorf (East)”
Visit of the project parts of
– August Sarnitz
– Albert Wimmer

The tour starts at the Architekturzentrum Wien at 2 p.m.
Tickets: ATS 150.-, Students: ATS 100.-

Guides: Michael Diem