2nd Vienna Architecture Congress

European Architecture Today

Fri 04.11.1994 – Sun 06.11.1994

opening: Thursday, November 04, 1994, 7:00 P.M.

“There is New Architecture in Europe” was the title of the preface to the first “Vienna Architecture Congress” which took place in November 1993. The success of the last congress fostered the desire to continue exploring European architecture. The goal is to discuss the new European architecture in the 90s with members from different regions and cultures, and not to compile vast encyclopedic data. Europe -its borders and cultures are being defined anew.

Where else but at a “Vienna Congress” can these cultures and architectural styles merge? Our aim is not to confirm what we already know, but to look at new efforts, problems, side -issues and focus on the roots of European architecture. Each expert observer will present to us his/ her country’s diversity, hopes and achievements.

The task we posed to the speakers was simple and pragmatic: present to us your country’s best five buildings in the last five years. Depending on the situation, each speaker will have a different response. This corresponds exactly to the new architecture in Europe: heterogeneous and multi-faceted. The architects are not afraid to be inquisitive and are prepared to discuss matters. Even after this second “Vienna Architecture Congress” we still won’t know what really constitutes European architecture. But the ground work has been laid, the material is there -the ideas and problems are prepared to be constructive…
the discussion may begin.


Friday 4th November 1994

5 pm. Ulrike Jehle-Schulte Strathaus – Switzerland, Museum of Architecture Basle
6 pm. Marc Dubois – Belgium, Museum of Architecture Stichting, Gent
7 pm. Opening Dietmar Steiner, Architecture Center Vienna

Saturday 5th November

11am. Henryk Drzewiecki – Poland, Chief Architect of Warsaw, Warsaw City Hall
12 a.m. Matús Dulla – Slovakia, Head of the Departement of Architectural History at the TU Bratislava
Henrieta Hammer Moravcíkova – Slovakia, Slovak Academy of Sciences; Bratislava
3 pm. Alexander Laslo – Croatia, Chief editor of the magazine “Covjek i prostor”, Zagreb
4 pm. Ana Maria Zahariade – Romania, Institute of Architecture and Design, Bucarest
6 pm. Stefan Popov – Bulgaria, Professor for Architectural Design, Sofia
7 pm. Yorgos Simeoforidis – Greece, Director of “Tefchos”, Athens

Sunday 6th November

11 am. Roger Connah – Finland, Researcher, Film Director and Designer, Helsinki
12 am. Kim Dirckinck Holmfeld – Denmark, Chief editor of the magazine “Arkitekten”, Kopenhagen
3 pm. Jöran Lindvall – Sweden, Swedish Museum of Architecture, Stockholm
4 pm.Shane O’Toole – Ireland, President of the Architectural Association of Ireland, Dublin
6 pm. – 8 pm. Panel Discussion, lecturers joined by Hannes Swoboda,Councilor for urban development and planning