12th Vienna Architecture Congress

Intelligent Regions

Fri 12.11.2004 – Sun 14.11.2004

12th Vienna Architecture Congress
© Bas Princen

For a few years now the architects, the planners, the social scientists and the economists have been focussing with interest on a field of research alongside the metropolises: the region. Several large-scale studies on the most diverse of European regions have been published over the past few years in which well-known architecture studios participated: StadtLand Schweiz, RheinRuhrCity, Costa Iberica and Hiper Catalunia being just a few examples for this development.

With all the variations in their emphasis and the problematic issues of location, the studies do have a fair amount in common. They all try to find development strategies for the future on an interdisciplinary and on an international level, they combine demographic and sociological data with issues of infrastructure and economic improvement for the location, to develop sustainable structures and the interaction between metropolitan and rural environments.

The 12th Vienna Architecture Congress will attempt to take stock for these new European regionalisations, beginning in Austria with the dynamic area of growth Rheintal and its connection to the StadtLand Schweiz, and Vienna and surroundings (Project Centrope) as a linchpin between East and West Europe. The congress introduces the most prominent research projects from South and Central Europe.

Congress moderated by: Bart Lootsma, Architecture theorist, Vienna
Simultaneous Translation German/English

Programme Fri. 12.11.2004

Friday 12.11.2004

05.00pm Opening
Dietmar Steiner, Director Architekturzentrum Wien

05.15pm Opening statement
Rudolf Schicker, Executive Councillor of Vienna for Urban Planning

Stefano Boeri, Architect Venice/Milan

Hiper Catalunya
Manuel Gausa, Architect, Barcelona

08.00-08.30pm Coffee Break

Peter Sloterdijk, Philosopher, Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe

Congress-Moderation: Bart Lootsma, Architecture Critic, Vienna
Simultaneous Translation German/English


Josep Acebillo Marin

Guest Professor at the School of Design at Harvard University. Director of the Agenzia Metropolitana Barcelona Regiona. Chief-architect for Infrastructural and urban development of the city of Barcelona.

Omar Akbar

Architect, Professor of urban planning and architectural theory at Hochschule Anhalt, since 1998 Director of the Bauhaus Foundation Dessau.

Markus Berchtold

Spacial planner, collaboration PRISMA regional development, Dornbirn, since 2000 head of the Architectural Institute Vorarlberg.

Stefano Boeri

Architect, editor in chief of domus, Milano. Partner of “Boeri Studio”. Founder of “Multiplicity”, a research agency concerned with the state of urban living through which he has promoted a series of research projects and installations.

Angelus Eisinger

Economist. Professor for regional development at the Hochschule Liechtenstein/Vaduz. Works in the fields of contemporary architecture, urban and spacial development. Cooperations witht architectural offices, consultant in the fields of planning and urban development.

Manuel Gausa

Architect and Founder of Actar Arquitectura, Barcelona.

Ulrich Hatzfeld

City- and Regional planner, since 1996 member of the ministery of city planning of Nordrhein-Westfalen, responsible for legal issues concerning city planning, areal development, city renewal of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Bart Lootsma

Historian, critic and curator in the fields of architecture,design and the visual arts. Visiting Professor at the Akademie der Billdenden Künste in Nürnberg. Editor of ARCHIS and GAM, member of the Scientific Committee of ArchiLab in Orléans.

Winy Maas

Architect, MVRDV Rotterdam. Winy Maas regularly holds lessons and workshops in schools and institutions all over the world (AA London, Berlage Institute Amsterdam, Universities of Delft, Eindhoven, Berlin, Barcelona, Oslo and Vienna, at the Cooper Union New York and in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Princeton).

Michaela Paal

Professor for urban geography and spacial planning at Philipps-University Marburg. Current fields of research: urban transformation processes in connection with the change of political systems, social fragmentation in cities, urban governance and international comparison of planning policies.

John Palmesino

Architect, Member of Studio Basel, a research institute of ETH-Zürich, Founding member of Multiplicity.

Friedrich Schindegger

Spacial planner, since 1967 researcher and planner at the Austrian Institute for Spacial Planning. Teaches at the Technical University Vienna. Numerous publications on regional and spacial planning in Austria.

Michel Schneider

Social scientist (Economics, sociology and politology), scientific researcher at Avenir Suisse with the main focus on federalism and spacial development.

Michael Shamiyeh

Co-Founder of the interdisciplinary office for architecture, urbanism and culture in Linz. Founder and Director of DOM (Design-Organisation-Media), a research laboratory in cooperaton with the Ars Electronica Center at the University of Arts in Linz, Upper Austria

Peter Sloterdijk

Author, numerous works on cultural- and religious philosophy, art theory and psychology. Rector and professor of Philosophy and Media Theory at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe, head of the Institute of Cultural Philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Programme Sat. 13.11.2005

Saturday 13.11.2004

The Making of Regions
Winy Maas, Architect, MVRDV Rotterdam

Regions and Qualification
Ulrich Hatzfeld, Ministery for City Planning, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

04.00-04.30pm Coffee Break

From Government to Governance? Corporate Regional Development in the Munich Region
Stefan Reiß-Schmidt, Department of City planning Munich

Beyond Shrinking. IBA 2010 Sachsen Anhalt
Omar Akbar, Director Bauhaus Stiftung, Dessau

06.30-07.00pm Coffee Break

New metropolitanism. Barcelona case study
Josep Acebillo Marin, Chief architect city planning, Barcelona

Congress-Moderation: Bart Lootsma, Architecture Critic, Vienna
Simultaneous Translation German/English

Programme Sun. 14.11.2005

Sunday 14.11.2004

Operation City. Central area of Upper Austria as Case Study in the age of globalisation
Michael Shamiyeh, Head of DOM Research Laboratory, Linz, Austria

Visions for the Rheintal region
Friedrich Schindegger, Österreichisches Institut für Raumplanung, Vienna
Markus Berchtold, Vorarlberger Architektur Institut, Dornbirn, Austria

04.00-04.30pm Coffee Break

New Competition in European Agglomerations – the Suburbanisation of the Service Sector and the changing urban landscape
Michaela Paal, University Marburg, Germany

Openings and Transpositions. Working with StadtLand Schweiz
Michel Schneider, Angelus Eisinger, Avenir Suisse

06.30-07.00pm Coffee Break

Das Studio Basel
John Palmesino, Architect, Basel

08.00pm Final Discussion

Congress-Moderation: Bart Lootsma, Architecture Critic, Vienna
Simultaneous Translation German/English