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Panel Discussion

125 Years of Birkhäuser Verlag (publishing house)

ARCHITEKTUR:CONSULTING. Skills/Synergy/Interfaces

Wed 03.11.2004, 19:00-21:00

125 Years of Birkhäuser Verlag (publishing house)
© Birkhäuser

Consulting has always been a part of architecture and civil engineering. Professional investor-consultants are increasingly coming to shape the dialogue with clients. They form the communicative and organisational interface between the client and everybody participating in the planning process. They fix the framework within which the creators of architecture move.

Despite the significance of consulting for architecture as providing the transfer of specific expertise and organisational know-how there is still too little awareness of the professional realisation and generation of synergy. This book investigates the ways that consulting can be understood in practise, what the important qualifications are and where the opportunities lie for this “new old” task.

Welcome address and introduction:

Sven Fund, business manager of Birkhäuser Verlag AG
Ulrich Schmidt, editor in chief and lector, architecture

Panel discussion:

Harald Allabauer, management consultant, systems theorist, Vienna
Gunter Henn, Henn Architekten, Munich
Martin Pongratz, bene Consulting
Oliver Schürer, co-editor of ‘Architektur:Consulting’, Department of Architecture Theory, Vienna University of Technology.
Moderated by Dietmar Steiner, Director of the Architekturzentrum Wien