Excursion for children and young people

WU + 2 = NEU

The new WU and the urban development project in the 2nd District

Group of school students in front of a yellow and orange striped building.

WU + 2 = NEW
© Photograph: Anne Wübben

How will we work, study or live in the future? In Viertel 2, located along the extended U2 line, the second district offers a number of examples. The new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Wirtschaftsuniversität) has just opened, with a masterplan by BUSarchitekur and featuring buildings by star architects like Peter Cook and Zaha Hadid. Around it there are also office blocks, hotels, apartment buildings as well as student accommodation, and it is planned to develop the grounds of the Vienna Krieau for housing. There’s a lot happening in the 2nd District of Vienna.

Exterior of a brick warehouse building
WU + 2 = NEW
© Photograph: Ina Wlitschko
Das Comic zeigt einen Mann, der an einem Modell arbeitet
WU + 2 = NEW
© Drawing: Simon Stock, Fabian Zimmermann

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