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A Turning Point in the Building Sector?

Innenraum mit großer Treppe und Tischen, dahinter Bücherregale

Das Campusgebäude „Town House” der Kingston University in London von Grafton Architects ist gleich- zeitig Treffpunkt und Tanzstudio ©
© Foto: Ed Reeve

The exhibition ‘Europe’s Best Buildings’ presents outstanding architecture projects from Europe. This year more buildings are on show that take a forward-looking approach to the existing substance. Conversions and extensions are key steps towards a carbon-neutral society, so the emphasis is increasingly on these, as well as on circular economies for the raw materials. In addition to the issue of resources, unusual mixes of functions are taking on new significance in strengthening social sustainability: for example, a social housing project is coupled with a location for agricultural production. While the winning project combines a university with a dance studio and a meeting place for the community. Which building would you choose as the winner? We explore the projects from the exhibition and then implement our own ideas using a model.