Schools workshop for elementary and senior school pupils

We Care — We Can!

It will soon be 2 degrees warmer, what can we do?

Swimming pool on a roof with bathing people and skyscrapers in the background

Paulo Mendes da Rocha and MMBB Architects: SESC 24 Maio, São Paulo, Brazil, 2017
© photograph: Ana Mello

Our planet is in crisis, calling for a rethink on several levels. In the exhibition ‘Critical Care’ we show international examples of architecture and urbansim that practise a sustainable approach. This is not only about reducing carbon emissions and the efficient use of (space) resources, but also about humane working conditions for everybody. How do we have to work together to achieve this?

Building has a great impact on greenhouse gas emissions and so is critical to reducing emissions. What are the goals when economic growth is no longer a priority? What are the challenges we face?