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Vorarlberg –
An intergenerational Dialogue

SammlungsLab #5

Architektengemeinschaft C4, Kindergarten and Elementary school, Nüziders, Vorarlberg, 1959–1963
© Architekturzentrum Wien, Sammlung

The Architekturzentrum Wien offers individual tours of its exhibition “Vorarlberg – An intergenerational Dialogue” in German or English on the days you choose.

Duration and prices

  • Minimum group size 10 persons
  • Duration: 1 h
  • Price: € 46 group flat rate plus an admission ticket for each person taking part

Cancellations and changes to dates

Please note that dates, once arranged, are binding! For cancellations made more than five days before the arranged date there is no charge. For cancellation 3-5 days before the tour 50% of the cost is charged, for 0-2 days before the tour 100%.