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Vienna Calling

Hollein and the New Architects

Drawing with hills in the colours blue, green, red and black

Hans Hollein: Vulcania theme and amusement park, Saint-Ours-Les-Roches, France, 1994–2002, section
© Archiv Hans Hollein, Az W and MAK, Vienna

In the era of Falco, Hans Hollein and the lifestyle magazine ‘Wiener’, a trip to Vienna was a must for architects from around the world to see the buildings around Hollein. What has remained of this Viennese phenomenon, and how is it regarded today? What were the social stances that found their expression in this richly contrasting and narrative formal vocabulary? The architects of the time had a highly interdisciplinary approach, and were interested in fashion, design, space travel and gender, as well as environmental issues and cybernetics, which inspired Hans Hollein to make his well-known statement that “everything is architecture”. His utopian premises invite discussion and serve us as inspiration for our own visions of the future, which we create with a collage.