Excursion for children and young people

The Vienna Ringstraße

Parade ground of the bourgeoisie

Main dome and two side domes of the Natural History Museum, Vienna. Bildtitel: Natural History Museum Vienna

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien - Kuppel
© Photograph: Manfred Werner

With a length of 5.3 kilometres the Ringstraße in Vienna provides the setting for numerous monumental buildings that were erected during the historicist era from the 1860s to the 1890s. Together we analyse the architecture of this period and look at the question of its function then and now. We walk along the imperial axis, crossing Heldenplatz to enter the visitors centre in the Parliament, we then take a look at Vienna University, after which we board a tram to Schwedenplatz and end our tour with a visit to the Postsparkasse.

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