Excursion for children and young people

Subliminal seduction

Critical examination of shop design and shopping behaviour

Shops on a shopping street in the inner city.

Shop entrances on Kohlmarkt
© Photograph: Gadner Harris

The design and architecture of shops plays an important role in shopping behaviour – is a shop very inviting or perhaps is the design so exclusive that you hardly dare to enter it? We examine the entrance and threshold areas, shop window design and look at different typologies such as individual retailing, department stores and shopping centres. From the Ringstraßengalerien we walk down Kärntnerstraße, along Graben and Kohlmarkt to the Looshaus on Michaelerplatz.

The comic shows two people in front of a shop window filled with large cakes and gateaux.

Housing – social and individual
© Drawing: Simon Stock, Fabian Zimmermann

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