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More than Flight Shame and Train Pride

The consequences of tourism

a huge ship by the sea next to it you can see houses of a city

In 2022 the 218 cruise ships in Europe emitted the same quantity of sulphur oxides (SOx) as 1 billion cars.
© CC-BY 2.0 Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Travel is now closely associated with our western lifestyle: in addition to a summer holiday, there’s a quick city break or a weekend trip for a party, skiing at least once a year and a trip south in the autumn holidays. Austria is a holiday destination, and in many regions the wants of non-locals are setting the tone. In addition to the road, there needs to be a cycle path, a hiking trail and a feel-good trail, as well as a family adventure route. While these are the more pleasant by-products of tourism. The countless chalet villages, the tonnes of artificial snow and the damage to the landscape are more devastating. In addition, tourism’s share of global CO2 emissions is considerable and constantly growing as the industry booms. In this workshop we look at ways to reduce the CO2 footprint of tourism. What could tourism look like if it didn’t destroy what it thrived off?