Excursion for children and young people

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Image-bolstering with architecture

Group of school students crossing the Danube Canal, an office tower can be seen in the background.

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© Architekturzentrum Wien

We visit representative buildings along the Danube Canal and look at the ways in which individual firms and institutions present themselves: open and flooded with light, quirky and sculptural, or black-and-white and reflective. In what ways have design means changed with the transition from historicism to modernism and to the present day? Starting at the Postsparkasse, we walk past the Urania to the Uniqa Tower, then we continue to the Sofitel, pass the Media Tower and end our tour at the landing stage for the Twin City Liner.

View of an office tower on the Danube Canal
Mediatower on the Danube Canal
© MA18, photograph: Rupert Christanell
Group of children in front of a building on the Danube Canal
© Architekturzentrum Wien
The comic shows children looking through telescopes.
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© Drawing: Simon Stock, Fabian Zimmermann

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