Excursion for children and young people

Housing – social and individual

From Stuwerviertel to Nordbahnhof

Large park lined by residential buildings

Bednar Park at the Nordbahnhof
© Photograph: Anneke Essl

In the 1920s unemployment and a severe housing shortage led Red Vienna to erect housing blocks and developments that are still internationally acclaimed. Architects today are confronted by constantly changing needs for which they must find contemporary answers. These new situations include the increased number of single households, patchwork families, or different generations living together. We examine the development of the Viennese housing construction program from the municipal housing of Red Vienna to current urban development projects, such as the Nordbahnhof site.

Timber facade of a housing project and part of a park.
Housing project in Vienna at the Nordbahnhof
© Architekturzentrum Wien
Group of schoolchildren on a city tour in a park
Housing – social und individual
© Architekturzentrum Wien
The comic shows a man on a balcony.
Housing – social und individual
© Drawing: Simon Stock, Fabian Zimmermann

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