Barrier-free Excursion

Donau City

Excursion for blind and visually impaired people

Touch model

Touch model of the Donaucity
© Architekturzentrum Wien

Donau City is situated directly above a freeway. It was roofed over with concrete slabs so that buildings could be erected here. In some places the different levels can still be seen: below the cars, above them a technical level and the pedestrians right at the top. This makes Donau City a car-free zone.

The grounds once envisaged for the Vienna-Budapest Expo in 1995 became a new urban expansion area following the roofing over of the freeway along the banks of the Danube. Since 1998 the area has been dominated by the construction of apartment complexes and high-rise office towers: about 3,500 people now live in Donau City, and 10 to 12,000 people work here. The Donau City residential park benefits from the attractive situation directly on the Neue Donau and is distinguished by social mix – from subsidised rental apartments to the freely financed penthouse.

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