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CO2-free Construction and Climate Change

Hall made of bamboo with many smaller huts around it

CO2-free construction methods are tested and taught at the Zero Carbon Cultural Centre by Yasmeen Lari in Makli, Pakistan.
© photograph: Archiv Yasmeen Lari

How can it work, making construction site operations, transport and the production of building materials CO2-free? The clay and bamboo buildings of Yasmeen Lari in Pakistan come very close to achieving this goal. The materials are inexpensive and available locally, and bamboo grows back very quickly. These buildings have also revived traditional crafts and construction techniques and made them flood and earthquake resistant. These techniques are taught within the community and passed on in a snowball system and through a YouTube channel. Pakistan is one of the world’s most climate disaster-prone regions. In this situation, Lari’s projects strengthen local structures instead of depending on international development aid, which is part of the CO2- and capital-intensive spiral.