Back and Forth Cost Estimates, Breastfeeding and Turnaround Strategies

Positions of our Generation

blue coloured photo with people sitting, standing and eating

Speak, eat, plan the future: a scene from the workshop in Linz.
© photograph: zkmb

The emerging generation of Austrian architects faces a wide range of great challenges: actively helping to shape a shift in the building sector to create fairer working structures while broadening their own scope to manoeuvre proactively.

Young architects who are just building up their own practices find themselves in the midst of urgent issues — climate crisis, rising construction costs and higher rents, buildings as investments for speculators — and with limited room for manoeuvre. What form does architecture take on when architects consistently engage with social and environmental issues? How do young architects find worthwhile commissions? Based on a series of workshops, the exhibition provides a snapshot of a new generation, a generation characterised by tactical optimism despite multiple crises.

Curators: Solveig Furu Almo, Ella Felber, Anna Firak, Silvester Kreil, Lukas Pankraz Mähr, Natascha Peinsipp, Theresa Reisenhofer und Felix Steinhoff