The Az W goes digital

Laptop on table with view on balcony

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You can visit the Az W from your own home using our digital channels.

150 years of architectural history accessible from your own home
Tales of varying lengths on Austrian architecture — in an architectural version of Boccaccio’s The Decameron. The daily online architecture course feeds from the Az W Collection and the permanent exhibition — 150 years of architectural history at home on a daily basis at #AzWDecameron

Archikids Workshops for the Home
We offer ARCHIKIDS workshops for our young visitors at home, too, also via our digital channels of communication. We provide building instructions and handicraft tips to satisfy cravings for gluing, painting, building…




Our Exhibitions are Online
You can experience our legendary exhibitions online using the Az W Film Channel.

Our Collection is Online
You can visit the highlights of our extensive collection here.
Highlights of the collection